Petra’s work is inspired by urban life reflecting her fascination with living in a large city.  Her established ‘Entrapment’ collection explores the paradox of belonging and alienation and how we adapt and interact with our environment. The collection contains hand picked jasmine flowers that are entrapped in silver through the process of electroforming.  As a result each piece is one of a kind.

In her collection ‘Attachment’ she continues to consider questions of interaction but changes the emphasis to look at how individuals alter their surroundings.  In ‘Attachment’ the pieces represent a fluid and flexible London held together by an outsider.  There is visible tension but if the attachment is removed the piece comes apart.  It is only a question of how long before the ’outsider’ becomes the ‘insider’.  In this collection Petra utilises methods not usually associated with traditional jewellery practice including knotting and stapling to underline the concept of interdependence.

Petra’s collection ’Lucifer’ plays with the idea of being the odd one out.  Silver matches are concealed inside retro matchboxes and matchbooks.  Are they special or simply out of place?  Is difference something to be embraced or does it simply disturb the harmony of the order?

Her latest collection of ‘Dunes’ considers how people adapt to change and alterations in society. Using the imagery of shifting sands to explore how we adapt and interact with a new landscape. Transition occurs: do you go with the flow, do you contest the change or do you create your own pathway?