Press Pause

Recently we’ve had a lot of time on pause, allowing us to review our working and social lives. Here’s the second of my brooches that I created as part of my Home Taping is Killing Music collection – ‘Pause’. Sometimes it feels right to combine work with a social pursuit. This short film has its own soundtrack ‘Live Here’ by Cabaret Punk jewellery band Scrotum Clamp. The brooch is made from silver and cassette tape and is one of a series of six. For more information visit my Collections page HTiKM

Press Play

This is the button that I’d like to press right now. It’s one of a series of six cassette player brooches that I have created: Play; Rewind; Record; Pause; Fast Forward and STOP. The brooches are made from silver and cassette tape. They are sold individually or as a set. For more information visit my HTiKM collection

Commissioning Process

Having a client commission a piece of jewellery from me is always an interesting and fulfilling project. It is invariably a two-way process and can take weeks or months to come to fruition (usually the latter). This ring in 18ct yellow and white golds with rubies and a brilliant cut diamond was the first piece that this client purchased from me. Inspired by my Cardinal Points collection the ring started life as pieces of well loved and worn out jewellery which need a new lease of life. My client studied my work and together we designed and developed this one-off ring. If you would like to commission a piece of jewellery using your own gold or gems or working from scratch feel free to contact me.

What Does That Do?

I’ve made my first short film for Cockpit Arts Festival of Making. Although the studios are open for makers, we’re not open to the public.

People often ask me  at Open Studios ‘what does that do?’  whilst pointing at a particular piece of jewellery equipment.   So armed with my camera phone and gaffer tape I am putting together two short films for Cockpit Arts Festival of Making.  Entitled… ‘What does that do?’  It’s up on You Tube and you can watch it here let me know what you think!

Cockpit Winter Open Studios

picture of rings

Cockpit Arts is throwing open the doors for its celebrated Winter Open Studios.  It’s an exclusive chance to buy direct from over 140 of the best craftspeople in London! 

I will be exhibiting at both Holborn and Deptford. Studio W9 at Holborn and then back in my studio 302 in Deptford.

Holborn 29 November – 1 December
Deptford 6 – 8 December
Fridays 11 – 8,  Saturday & Sundays 11 – 6