Commissioning Work

Petra is currently focusing on commissioned design; she has created a diverse range of bespoke pieces. Working closing with her clients she has created stunning wedding and engagement rings that meet the clients design specification. She also works with reclaimed jewellery that clients have brought to her for remodelling or redesigning. Petra works in gold, platinum, silver and precious stones and will design to meet your budget requirements.

Quote from Petra:
I really enjoy meeting and working with clients I love the collaborative part of this work, my favourite thing is hearing the story behind the piece I am making. For me the most important aspect of this process is listening to my clients so that I make sure I reflect their ideas and inspiration in the final design.

So whether you are looking for a bespoke engagement or wedding ring; a Christening, wedding or birthday gift; something for him or for her; or simply something for yourself, the commissioning process allows you to become involved in the design and creation of a unique piece of work.

Petra works in gold, platinum, silver and precious stones.  Petra will happily discuss a number of material options with you to suit your budget.

The commissioning process often takes time, typically around 8 weeks plus. Please contact Petra to discuss your requirements.